Since 1962, the Durham Alumnae Jabberwock has been a rewarding and exciting experience of spirited and friendly competition engaged in by the participants as each had sought to be named "Miss Jabberwock."

During this competition, the participants engage in social, cultural, and service activities. In the tradition of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, these activities are focused on building the mind, body, spirit, and social awareness of youth as well as fostering positive relationships.
In addition to the activities, participants raise funds toward not only their higher education but also the higher education of others in the Durham Community. The proceeds from Jabberwock are designated for scholarships and community projects.
For more information or to express interest in Jabberwock, email us at jabberwock@durhamdst.org.
The Jabberwock application consists of all of the following forms and the submission deadline is September 01, 2023.
Click the link to pay the application fee of $150: No longer Accepting Applicants
Download the Handbook and Application Here: Jabberwock 2023-2024 Handbook

  • Complete and sign all forms, waivers, and releases contained herein.
  • E-mail the Photo of the Participant to jabberwock@durhamdst.org

(Does not have to be a headshot from a professional photographer, but the participant should look professional in the photo).