Soror Spotlight

Lalethia Bethea

Lalethia Bethea, President of the Durham Alumnae Chapter from July 1, 2018 – September 30ish, 2020 (odd timing due to COVID-19) was initiated in 1985 at Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio, Delta Kappa Chapter. She is a Golden Life member and has been a member of the Mid-Hudson Valley Alumnae Chapter in Poughkeepsie, NY and moved to Durham in 1991 and became a member of Durham Alumnae in that year.

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What were some of your favorite and most memorable accomplishments as president of the Durham Alumnae Chapter?

My favorites include:

*Pride in Our Heritage tour stop, as this was my first assignment as president. It was a national event and we were chosen as the host chapter for this inaugural tour in the South Atlantic Region. I had wonderful chairs (Jackie Shuler and Mundi Gattis).
*Membership Intake was another favorite accomplishment. It was A LOT of work and coordination but it gave me an opportunity to get to know my sorors by spending a lot of time with them in a small group setting. Bringing new ladies into the sorority is always special.

Most memorable moments:

Finding out that we won the 2019 Chapter of the Year Award for the South Atlantic Region was by far the most memorable. Our chapter worked hard to carry out quality and impactful programming and the region confirmed that by bestowing this honor on our chapter. Being recognized for exceptional programming delivered by committees such as Health Awareness, International Awareness, Economic Development, Social Action, Collegiate Connection, Scholarship and the Jabberwock team. This was a true reflection of the hard work by all of the Sorors of Durham Alumnae.

My installation in May 2018 was another memorable moment. Although I ran unopposed, I was so excited to get the opportunity to serve the chapter in the capacity of president. I was also very proud when our chapter grew to 402 members.

I know there are many more but haven’t truly had time to reflect as I held my last meeting in late September.

What advice do you have for the incoming president? This is Soror Holland’s presidency and I’m sure she has, or will have, a knowledgeable group of ladies surrounding her to assist, including me. My job is to send encouraging words and answer when called upon.

What advice do you have for the chapter moving forward? My advice for the chapter is to support the new administration to keep Durham Alumnae on the award winning path that we are on. I’d also like for our members to continue to reclaim sorors.

What lessons did you learn? There have been many lessons learned during my tenure as President, the biggest was to be flexible (COVID-19) and move in the direction required.

I would not have been able to accomplish as much as we did without the support of my chapter, my executive board, my executive committee, our regional officers and definitely, my family.